Thursday, October 30, 2008

More awards (rumbling in the not to far distance can be heard)

First let me say THANK YOU to Mirella over at Scrapity Scrap and More and Kimberly3D over at Kimberly3d Scraps and Stuff for awarding with the Proximidade Award. Thank you both SO VERY MUCH for awarding me with this lovely award. Your names have been added to the Proximidade Award over in the side. I'll need to decide which lovely blogs to pass it on to next :) hear that..(insert slow rumbling here)..
If you come back at midnight tonight, the train's rolling in! The designers over at Busy Scrappin are having a trick or treat blog train! No tricks though, only goodies :) After all, don't we deserve a treat too heehe? Off to get some more work done..I'll see you all tonight!

xoxo K

Oh and before I forget..I have exciting designer news coming, stay tuned!

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