Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Way back Wednesday..freebie alert :)

Yesterday was busier than planned, plus I didn't feel quite well. I put together a cute vintage mini kit for you. I myself love vintage, all the bold prints and older styles are just some of my favorites. Hope you all have a lovely midweek...check often..I'll be back around soon :) Thank you for all the love you truly inspires me to create more. Now off to cook dinner..xoxo K

4 papers
6 tags
4 ricracs
1 photo frame
1 button sheet

Click preview to download :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

My blue valentine...

I have seen so many pink and red kits lately for the upcoming Valentine's holiday and had that urge to do something a tad different. So for a blue Monday, how about a blue valentine kit?

Kit includes
2 bows
2 ribbons
2 clips
3 papers
2 heart embellishments
1 heart stitching
and of course a key *wink*

Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow to work on a new freebie for you all. Today was really limited and I'll have more time to create then. Off to bed..early day tomorrow :)

xoxo K

Click preview to download

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Freebie Buffet :)

Been a very long week between our 2 homes what with the children being out for workdays and holidays, we finally got to sit down today and finish our goodies that we havent gotten around to completing.

Today Z has a beautiful set of 9 buttons perfect for any layout. I wish I had her talent in the button department.

They can be downloaded the preview

I noticed that alot of people really do like the boy theme, I know I personally have a hard time finding scraps for the "little men" as does Z. So I decided to make a mega kit around those cute little guys to share :)
This kit includes:

4 papers
2 glitter doodles
1 journaling block (made of wood and with screws)
2 ribboned frames
1 puppy
1 teddy bear
1 knitted cap
4 sets of overalls..all different
1 hanger
1 truck
1 wordart

You can download it the preview to download

Hope you all have a wonderful week..check back often as we update as we can :)
Please leave some love if you download.

xoxo K

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Super Saturday MEGA freebie kit :)

Happy Saturday all! Today's freebie is ALL GRUNGED UP.

Included are
14 Papers
2 bottle caps
2 burned papers
3 doodles
2 frames
2 gemstones
2 paperclips
3 ribbons
3 wide ribbons
4 tags

Absolutely fabulous for any occassion. Enjoy!
Hugs, Z


Friday, January 18, 2008

Of boys and cars...freebie for Friday :)

Everything I've sent out has been so fru-fru and girly, bout time that the boys have their day :) My son, who at the ripe old age of almost 21 months is very attached to certain and Dale Jr to be exact (ok ok..his thumb and blanket don't count lol). His room is covered in both floor to ceiling..Nascar watch least that's what my husband tells him. I wouldn't be surprised one bit :) Friday's freebie is a mini kit inspired by my lil one and named after him. You get 15 different caps and 2 race flag ribbons, 1 straight and 1 curly. Blessings for a good weekend! xoxo K

Click the preview to go to the download :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 for Thursday continues :)

My contribution today is for a special person, well to me she is anyways (stop laughin Z! lmao). This is my take on Paris Hilton's closet..anyone who knows me just knows that she is just all I ever talk about(no Z I DIDNT FORGET ABOUT HARRY POTTER AND DALE JR heehe, they're on the MAIN LIST TOO)..I really had fun with this one. The only thing I didn't include was Tinkerbell..well cause that would just be inhuman to place her in the packaging (how would the lil dog breathe??) :)
Click the preview to download and leave some love ... xoxo K

2 for Thursday..2 kits today :)

Today is your lucky day! Today is officially 2 for Thursday :)
Here is the first of your 2 free kits for today..I heart you by Z..I love this one..just in time for Valentine's Day! Click the preview to download and leave some love!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Part II..Felt Flowers now a complete kit :)

We really liked the way that the flowers turned out, so Z decided that she wanted to do a paper pack to coordinate with it. I had some time tonight so I worked up a matching ribbon pack to boot. You get 6 papers, 10 ribbons and a bonus frame in all.
All included in the zip. You can download it here



Friday, January 11, 2008

Felt Flowers Freebie

Sorry things have been slow this week. I have learned a number of things that you will seeing the fruits of in the coming days. My freebie for today is a pack of felt flower elements. I discovered scripting this week and I love there anything PSP can't do??! Enjoy!

Misty Morning Scrapkit .. Z's Debut :)

This blog is actually the brainchild of 2 crazy women. My best friend Michelle, whom I lovingly call "Z" has been learning right along side me. Todays kit is her debut; she did a great job with her first kit! I will be back in a bit with a freebie of my own. Please leave some her some love if you download.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cupcake Surprise Kit

Today's freebie is paper pack from yesterday's elements. There are 4 matching papers,4 sparkle ribbons and a bonus sparkle frame. I also uploaded both the first kit and the elements in .png form as well due to a request that she could not use the psp version. Not a problem :) Those links are at the bottom of this post. So without any further adue' here's today's freebie. Have a lovely day and send some love if you download :)

You can download the PNG version here

Cupcuke elements PNG version here

Sweet Innocence Kit PNG version here

One more freebie for the road...

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my 4shared! I was pleasantly surprised of how well my kit was received :) I had a few minutes to sit down and make a quick element pack for a kit that I am working on. This kit is being done with inspiration for my sweet 3 year old. She is so excited about her birthday that it's all she thinks about, even with Christmas presents, she would ask "when is my birthday?" followed by her telling you when it is lol! However she still has a few months until April arrives, so I guess Mama has to deal with the munchkins sweet tooth dreams a little longer. I'm off to bed, hope to have more to share tomorrow.

Elements are larger than in the preview :)


Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first kit

Welcome to my blog! I am slowly learning to digiscrap my own kits; check back often for new freebies.