Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Climb aboard the Polar Express :)

Several of the ladies at Busy Scrappin have come together to bring you the Polar Express as a small gift for you all for Christmas! Please keep in mind that we are all in different time zones and that if theirs isn't posted, just check back at a later time! That being said..I want to personally take a moment and say a BIG THANK YOU to all my dedicated readers and customers from this year and wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Here is my part ... there are 6 papers and 10 elements...

Download here
Now grab a ticket and continue on to your next destination :)
xoxo K

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New kit in stores and LOTS OF SALES :)

My newest kit hit stores yesterday..heres a peek :)

There are 12 papers and 22 total elements..perfect for all winter long..and you can get it on sale!

All my products both CU & PU are on sale for $1.25 at Busy Scrappin and Scrap Happiness. No matter what the original cost..everything including new releases are in this sale :)

Click here or here to shop!

I also have a 25% off sale at Cotton Candy Kreations..some of my products can be lower than $1.25 there.
Click here to go there :)

I wanted to give everyone to get a opportunity to save some money with the tight times here at Christmas. You can pick whichever store or sale is right for your budget :) I am running these sales until December 31st.

Check back soon for another to get some more cleaning done for the holidays..xoxo K

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got a present!!

Haven't had alot of creative time this week however I got the most delightful "christmas present" in my email and I about fell out of my chair! It meant ALOT to me..probably more than she knows..THANK YOU SO MUCH HEATHER !! I just love it!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another award, a reveal and a cu freebie :)

It's been a very busy week here, it seems it just that time of the year. Running behind today (what else is new ROFL) so let's get it started k?

Karen has so graciously blessed me with the Folhas da Amizade (leaves of friendship) award. Thank you so much sweetie, I will treasure it always :)

I must in turn pass it to 5 other blogs..(drumroll...) the nominees are:


Time for the "Black Friday CU Christmas Grab Bag 2" reveal..

Here's what's hiding..

It's still available for a few more days here for only $1.50.

You can find it exclusively at Busy Scrappin.

My Commercial Use Christmas Grab Box #1 is still on sale for a short few days for $2.00.

You can find it at any of these links

Busy Scrappin

Cotton Candy Kreations

Scrap Happiness

Now that we made it through all the catching definitely deserve a freebie lol!

Enjoy! xoxo K

Click image to download
And I know 4shared is being a pain to leave please some love here :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

A couple of awards :)

Amber has given me the Treasured Friendship Award :)
I apologize for the delay sweetie; Thank you so very much for awarding me with this honor!

Since I have no specific number, here are my nominees :)
You all mean the world to me, your designs are inspiring and your friendship is priceless :)
Thank you all for being the wonderful friends that you are!

Lisa has bestowed the Excellent Blog Award :)
Thank you so much are so sweet!

I in turn must pass it along to 4 other blogs and explain why :)
Here are the nominees..
Scraps By Shilo-Her talent is amazing and her creativity know no bounds. She breathes new life into the digiscrap community
The Scrappin Cop-Oh Deb..she is the most amazing woman when it comes to templates and she so kindly shares her creations with us all; I don't believe there is a item she cannot create with photoshop.
The Scrappin Divaz - Always something new and different to be found with these ladies, they are just wonderful!
Farrah's Creations-Everyone loves Farrah, her cute designs are just adorable..chubbies anybody? I know I have a folder on my computer with tons of her designs..just love them!

Keep up the great work ladies..we so appreciate all the hard work that you do!

xoxo K

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Commercial Use Freebie Time

Been a little been since I've posted a CU goody for you so here you go :)
Hope everyone got tons of great deals this weekend, I know I was happy to get all the savings and finish up the kids' presents. Off to finish cleaning, I hope to finish my new Christmas kit for stores soon.
xoxo K

Click image to download :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Surprise Black Friday CU Bag :) and a freebie

I trust you all had a lovely Thanksgiving; it was nice to just have time with family, no rush no fuss..just togetherness :). I have been working the greater part of the week to get this for you all by midnight..(woohoo I made it lol). So without further adue..

This is a BusyScrappin exclusive..3 new items valued at $6.00 for only $1.50! You can find it by clicking here.

Now in honor of all us shopoholics LOL! both online and off hitting the big sales today I created this freebie for you...

click the image to download :)

Now I have to run catch a quick nap..I'm off to brave the masses at Walmart here in just a wee short hours...wish me luck....xoxo K

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


All commercial use items just $1! (excludes my CU Christmas Grab Box which is still only $2)

My newest released are also a part of this sale!

Tons of items to be found for just $1 but for today only...come see what treasures we have for you! Click the banner below to start shopping :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Box Revealed & a CU Freebie for you :)

Time to catch up..David arrived home safely from Japan on Saturday which was a wonderful thing! We missed him so much and he brung home some beautiful pictures. I took a few days off from creating to have some much needed family time. You just don't know how much you can miss someone if they aren't there every day. So now that my world is in order, let's do a blog reveal............

All this is hiding inside my Commercial Use Christmas Grab Box for $2.00.

You can purchase it by clicking any of the links below :)

Busy Scrappin

Scrap Happiness

Cotton Candy Kreations

Spoil Me Pink Scraps

Now here is your freebie...enjoy! xoxo K

Click image to download

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This might take a while lol...

So much going on since the last post, if you notice the counters on the right, they are my reminders of when my husband will return home from Japan. The house just doesn't feel right without him here. (I miss you Boo). So I throw my everything into doing for the kids, the house and designing like a mad woman. Let's catch up a bit shall we :)

Berry Bliss Scrapz is now Cotton Candy Kreations. We have a bigger store and will be having a grand opening soon..stay posted for that.

The last days for my commercial use grab bag #3 are coming to an I thought I'd give one more hurrah and before I break it down and separate it in the stores, I have placed it on sale for just $1. The sale will end on Friday at midnight.

But fear not, would I leave you all with no bag? Of course not LOL! So in stores today, I have Commercial Use Christmas Grab Box for $2.00. There are 4 brand new products in this bag just perfect for the holidays..dont let this one get away!

If you just want or need to here for the reveal.

You can find both of these by clicking any of the links below :)

Busy Scrappin

Scrap Happiness

Cotton Candy Kreations

Spoil Me Pink Scraps

Now here is your freebie for to burn up psp again..xoxo K

Click the image to download

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh MY .. another award :)

Tishia has given me this lovely award...thank you so much sweetie!

The rules are simple, and before I pass this on, I must list 7 things that I love.

1. God (first and foremost)
2. My wonderful husband and my precious children
3. My know who you are heehe
4. Designing
7. pepsi..and chocolate LOL..a hard call since I love them both

Now my lucky kreative winners are...

Off to spread the kreativity :) ... be back soon ...xoxo K

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Friday, October 31, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Day Sale

Busy Scrappin Trick or Treat Blog Train

Happy Halloween! Who says the kids should have all the fun? A total of 13 designers have gathered to bring you this train, no tricks just treats! So what are you waiting for? Jump on, no tickets needed and download to your heart's content :) Please keep in mind that if a freebie isn't up, try again later as we are in different time zones. Enjoy :) xoxo K

Click the image to download my part :)

There are 5 elements and 5 patterned papers in my set.


Crazy Diamond

Designed by K (you are here)

Munchkyn Scraps

Latte' Dah Designs

Simply Scraps

Robyns Chic Scraps

Scrappin Time Fun

Scrap Stew Sue Designs

Scraps by Shilo

Serene by RW

Scrap Wizard

Digidesigns By Amberbaz

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More awards (rumbling in the not to far distance can be heard)

First let me say THANK YOU to Mirella over at Scrapity Scrap and More and Kimberly3D over at Kimberly3d Scraps and Stuff for awarding with the Proximidade Award. Thank you both SO VERY MUCH for awarding me with this lovely award. Your names have been added to the Proximidade Award over in the side. I'll need to decide which lovely blogs to pass it on to next :) hear that..(insert slow rumbling here)..
If you come back at midnight tonight, the train's rolling in! The designers over at Busy Scrappin are having a trick or treat blog train! No tricks though, only goodies :) After all, don't we deserve a treat too heehe? Off to get some more work done..I'll see you all tonight!

xoxo K

Oh and before I forget..I have exciting designer news coming, stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another award and a limited run CU freebie

I hope you all are having a lovely week. I had the best time this weekend at the reunion, every mom should get that kind of a break every now and again! It was so nice and even still it was even better to come back home. I had a certain "Dale girl" LMAO call me moments before I left..and I brought her back a present...Hey Melanie..looky

I made sure I stopped by the speedway on the way know I love ya girl! You know Dale was in there last weekend :)

I was also presented the "I love your blog award" by Amber . Thank you so much hun..I am so touched by your sweet comments and I am blessed to work beside you at BusyScrappin! I'm adding your name to the list on the side :)

Now if you made it through allllllll my rambling, you deserve a gift LOL! I have my 2nd designer layout template for you today. This link will only be available until noon on Thursday after that it moves to the store. Enjoy..xoxo K
Click to download


Friday, October 24, 2008

Old habits die hard...

Many moons ago, I was a tagger, plain and simple, ran a group on myspace and enjoyed it tremendously..then came was easy no duplicating and I enjoyed it. Ok maybe it wasn't that long ago but when it came to tags the more BLING the better. So much so, my fellow girls loved to refer to me as the queen of bling lol! Here's one of my favorite examples:

I hadn't really fooled much with it since I zipped all my lovely tubes up for when I wanted to tag again until today. Leaonna (yeah I'm calling you out girl!) and I had a discussion over bling and how to make it pretty for the digiworld. So I started plinking and plying away this afternoon to attempt to make something shiny that would look good on a page. My result is today's CU freebie.

There is one strand that is in grayscale PNG format that colors easily, the preview shows examples of how well it takes to color.

I won't be here this weekend as I am heading back home for my high school reunion.

So be good and I'll catch you all at the start of the week..xoxo K

Click the image to download

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News, an award and a freebie for you!

First out the gate I want to thank Karen for awarding me with the Proximidade Award for the second time :) Thank you sweetie!

I got accepted into a new store! Spoil Me Pink Scraps is a brand new store with a talented set of designers, some you may know and others who are new the business. Right now there is a sale going on until midnight tomorrow.

Click here to shop :)

Last but not least here is today's freebie. Graphic is provided by Heartland Graphics. It is for personal use/s4h ok. You may use it for freebie kits but no commercial use is allowed. I have another cu freebie coming in the next couple of days, so check back soon.
Enjoy! xoxo K

Click image to download
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl :)

Today will be a hectic one at least until this afternoon. My oldest DD is 13 today; my word where did the time go? It was yesterday, or so it seems that that tiny little girl came into my life and changed my life forever. I remember trying so hard to have her on my daddy's birthday only for her to decide to come a day early. She was my daddy's biggest birthday gift and his first grandchild. I know that he is smiling down from Heaven on her today, so proud of the beautiful young lady she is. (Happy Birthday Daddy a day early..we love and miss you so) I'll post party pictures later on..if you have a minute leave her a little love today...
I love you Summer :)
...xoxo Mama 4 years old

With Sydney at 9
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

With Gabe at 11

And now ..our very own PoisonedEmoGirlScraps at 13 :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My new commercial use grab bag just hit the stores! If you love the element templates that I've had here for free..YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BAG! I think this is my best bag yet and the best part its only $2.00! That's like .50 a can't lose :)

You can purchase it by clicking any of the links below :)

Busy Scrappin

Berry Bliss Scrapz
Scrap Happiness


Manda over at Manda'z Dazzling Dezignz has outdone herself again! She has used my Strawberry Fields kit to create this gorgeous (no pun intended heehe) tag tutorial. Thank you so much hun..beautifully done :)

Click here to give her tut a try :)

And lastly but certainly not least, here is a little something for you! Enjoy..xoxo K

Click the image to download :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friendship around the world

This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award". The award is meant to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way and to extend the hand of friendship around the world.

The award was given to me by Sue over at ScrapStewSue. Thank you so much hun! I am touched that you have presented this to me. Sue is a wonderful person, a fellow member of ADS and a fellow designer over at Busy Scrappin. She does so much for so many, I am so blessed to call you a friend :)

Now the rules are as follows:

The rules are that once you receive this award, you must pass it on to eight other blogs. Here are my nominees:

Heather - HSDesigns

Congratulations all deserve this award. Please visit them if you have a moment. They are all so talented! Big hugs for you all :)
Off to send the good news..until next time..xoxo K

Commercial Use Freebie Time

Short on time's a little something for you :)
I have been awarded again by Sue over at ScrapStewSue ..hun I'll do that tomorrow; didn't want you to think I didn't notice.
Click the image to download..xoxo K