Sunday, March 2, 2008

MIA..and tha new ride :)

Oh its been so busy lately..such a bad blogger I know :(
I will have a new freebie this afternoon and look for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the next few me it will explain alot of why I haven't been around much *wink*
Some of the freebies have been removed to make way for new ones. DH brought me home a HUGE surprise the other weekend..something I soooooo desperately needed..A NEW VAN :). My car had been sitting forever because of things needing fixing and we had to make do with our Kia Sportage..and with 3 kids my poor 12 year old daughter was quite cramped with 2 carseats beside her. So much needed space..not to mention more room for things when we travel. He even added the Dale Jr floormats and cover..and my paris sticker is on the way LMFAO! Im about to bust with excitment over the news me and Z have to share..but I have to wait..keep checking for it and come back later for your freebie! :)
xoxo K

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