Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Now here’s what I have to because I got tagged by Hypermommy.

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Seven Facts

1. Birthdays are strange in our family. I was born on my mother's 21st birthday; my oldest daughter was born the day before my Daddy's birthday. My brother was born on the first day of spring, my grandpa was born on New Year's Day, another grandmother was born on the fourth of July, a cousin is born on Halloween. My husband shares a birthday with "the KING" and my two youngest children are only hours short of sharing the same birthday, 2 years apart..weird huh? lol

2. My oldest daughter and I weighed the exact same at birth...6 pounds 4 1/2 oz (yeah I know another birth thing heehe)

3. I am a total Paris Hilton FANATIC..regardless of what anyone says about her..I love the woman..and I have tons of things of hers..(obsessed much??)

4. Speaking of Paris..mind you this is before I knew who she was..Paris was a name I had picked out for my youngest daughter..it didn't fly with the hubby lol..however her middle name is Nycole..hmmmmm that would have been really funny..knowing what we know now

5. I met my husband online..just like I met my best friend Michelle (Zee)..and I couldn't imagine a day without either one of them.

6. I was raised in Martinsville VA until I moved here after David and I married. Martinsville is known for the Martinsville Speedway (Nascar anyone?) however in the 32 years I lived there..I never went to a single race. However..lol..the hubby is working on getting tickets.

7. Can't end the list without a Dale Jr note...as much as I adore Dale Jr..most people know that my son's middle name is Dale and we affectionately call him Dale Jr..but little man wasn't named after the Nascar driver..he was named after the greatest man I've ever known...my dad..who sadly passed away a year before he was born.

Now I have to tag 7 people. I have chosen 7 of my ADS designers so they too can get the wonderful recognition they so deserve..great job ladies..all of you are wonderful and thanks for all that you unselfishly do everyday..I love ya to pieces :)


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