Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gearing up..8 days to go..

Ok gonna let you all in a on a HUGE event that's going to be happening here JULY 1ST! The ADS Designers have gotten together (myself included) a whopping 44 designers (YES 44 designers) to give you a HUMONGOUS BLOG PARTY..can you even IMAGINE? Well from what I have seen so far, and half the submissions aren't there yet..YOU DO NOT and I mean DO NOT want to miss this..I want so much to share mine now lol..but you'll have to mark your calendars for this one. I will do my bestest to be back later on today with a freebie. I have been working on a few new commercial use items for the store and goodies for you all keep never know what will show up here :) to sleep for a bit..xoxo K

*says prayer that JR will win again today ;)

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