Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New poll

Please grab a second and take the new brain is on overload and I have several CU products coming into the store within the week. I like to get a feel what everyone is looking for. I also want to know when it comes to grab bags, would you rather have hints or just be surprised. Off to do mommy duties :)..I'll be back soon with another freebie..xoxo K


Shilo said...

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it and glad you like the freebie. I was expecting everyone to try and talk me out of the tattoo lol.

On your poll, it won't let me vote for some reason but I was trying to choose do it yourself.

Zan said...

Hello...CU grab bags...I like a little verity. Mostly do it yourself pngs and with an overlay pak(if I had a choice they would be layered overlays so I could customize them as I need)and then only 1 or 2 elements that were just to colorize.
best wishes on your poll

Elisa Aurora said...

I'd love to vote in the poll, but everytime I do, it clicks and a "Cannot find webpage" shows in it's place. Is it Blogger having problems??

Benedetta sia,
Elisa Aurora

Designed by K said...

I don't think blogger is having problems BUT we all know how that works lol. If you want to vote but have a problem with the page, just leave your choice here and I will try and add it to the poll :)

Shilo said...

Hey, thanks for your comment in my shoutbox. Yeah things are moving pretty fast for me and I couldn't be happier with how things are going. Thanks for stopping by

Shilo said...

No problem, glad you like the pockets.

And don't worry, I'll post pictures of the tattoo and let everyone know how it went =]

Rachael said...

I voted.. and I need hints I have little money to spend and wanna know if I need it or not