Monday, June 9, 2008

Playing tag again :)

I have been tagged by Mollie at SwordaScrappin.. Mollie is one of ADS Designers :)

Here's what I gotta' do:

1. Link my tagger and list these rules.

2. Share 7 facts about myself...some wierd, some random.

3. I must tag 7 people at the end of this post with links to their blogs.

4. Leave a comment on their blog telling them I tagged them

7 facts

1. I am a 4th generation red great grandmother, my grandpa, my mom then me. I gave birth 2 two 5th generation red oldest daughter and my baby boy. My youngest daughter took her dad's dark hair :)

2. I get my inspiration from my creations from everything. I could look at a paper, a piece of clothing, you name it..and I find something creative about it. I've been known to wake up in the middle of the night and jot down ideas I've come up with in my dreams. Yeah I make alot of notes!

3. I am a PEPSI freak..if I ever drink anything else..its an off kinda day.

4. I ADORE GODIVA...blame the hubby for spoiling me lol.

5. I am a certified licensed tan specialist..however I became a sahm when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter..for obvious reasons :)

6. I was born with one brown eye and one blue..the blue one turned brown about the time I turned 2. All of my children are blue eyed (my husband's are brown as well) ...I think they took that one lol!

7. If I had a choice, I'd do EVERYTHING at night. I have tons more energy then than any other time of the day.

The lucky 7 :)

Kelly @ Modern June-one of the craftiest moms I've ever seen..and she sews beautifully :)

Paula @ Designs by Dreamer Paula - I am such a HUGE fan of her work and she is the sweetest!

Michelle @ Crafty Scraps - She does the cutest things..she is such an inspiration!

Anne @ Creative Dreams - This woman has a HUGE heart and does she ever have collaberation skills!

Rose @ Rose McDigital Designs - Another ADS Designer member who I like to get to know better :)

Angie @ Scrapping with IkeaGoddess - Oh too many great things to say about Angie..I visit her everyday..she finds the best freebies...ty Angie :)

Kristine @ WenchdGrafix Designs - ahh what can I say about Wenchie..I adore her, she's so funny and creates beautiful things..lest we forget about dork dancin' LOL! BIG HUGS!

Off to spread the word and call it a night :)
Sleep well..xoxo K


IkeaGoddess said...

Thanks for the tag. Have a great day.

Rose said...

Thanks for the tag. Mine's done!