Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Round 3 lol.. :)

I got tagged by Sharon at Mommas Creations

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1. I was a tagger for years, I am a HUGE Keith Garvey fan!

2. I ran a tag group on myspace for quite awhile with Michelle..Carolina Girl Creations.

3. I love DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and HEROES, I don't miss a single episode and have the DVD collections.

4. I applied to be PARIS' NEW BEST FRIEND, however my vote count wasn't high enough to make the show..lucky for me I suppose because to hear Michelle tell it the moment I met her I'd probably fainted and bumped my head LOL!

5. I live about 3 hours away from my NASCAR hero Dale Jr (really I DO!)

6. I use PSP X and am slowly learning Photoshop CS2, however about the only thing I have down in that department is styles and actions..but we gotta start somewhere :)

7. If there was a decade that I could go back and do again..it would be the 80s..sure I was a teenager.....and it was the best (ok showing my age now lol)


Mr Morris (Scrappin with SIR SCRAPALOT)
Melanie(Scrapping Life As It Happens)
Karen (Kakleidesigns)
Cindyrelly (Cindyrelly's Corner)
Laura (My Treasured Scraps)
Linda (Bon Scrapatit Designs)

Off to spread the news :)
If you get a chance visit all of my lucky 7...THEY ARE ALL FAB DESIGNERS..(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL..)


Kari °O° said...

oh WOW, 3 hours from Jr? *drool* And I'm so stuck in the 80's it's ureal.

Momma said...

woooow u did the tag thing,lol..
ty for participating,lol...i have got photoshop cs2 too and just larning where shapes are and i even found out where to do bevel, woohoo,lol..im slowly learning the programme so if u need any help just holla and ill help anyway i can :o)

Mel @ MCA Designs said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting, and for purchasing the kit. I hope you are enjoying it!