Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I went to checked my 4shared as a good little blogger should to do my daily quality check as I tend to call it..thank goodness I did! Someone had up loaded tons of things in to our quiet freebie directory, all in foreign jumbo that I have no idea what they were nor did I download to find out. Needless to say that I have deleted above said items from my files.

However I was concerned that on one download there were 3 downloads from it. Please be advised that I DID NOT put those files there! So for the record..yes please feel free to browse my 4shared folder and take what I have placed there, after all that's why it is there. HOWEVER if I have NOT placed a listing for a freebie that appears there here (which I ALWAYS do) when I have a new goodie for you DON"T DOWNLOAD. When in doubt just email me by clicking the email button in the upper right hand corner SUBJECT LINE CAROLINA GIRL SCRAP CREATIONS BLOG.

I would rather you all be safe than grab something that heaven only knows what it could be. I care about your systems, and if there are anything like mine..there are soooo many things that would be just horrible to lose.

Getting down off my soapbox now..rest well my friends..xoxo K

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Christy Peffly said...

Just dropping by to say hello! Hope you're having a great day!